2024 Under 200

Jan 09 - Jan 21, 2024


Art Sohyang will hold the "Under 200" 展 from January 9 (Tue) to January 21 (Sun) 2024. The "Under 200" 展 is an exhibition that offers access to about 100 original works by about 20 competent artists at once, and is a special prop exhibition of Art Sohyang that has been presented every year since 2016. Consistent with the title of "Under 200," the exhibition, which consists mainly of works worth less than 2 million won, provides people who are interested in art but are new to the art, with the opportunity to become art collectors who can feel distant and difficult.

The biggest advantage of the "Under 200" 展 is that you can see the works of various artists, from emerging to middle-aged artists, in one space. The beauty of this exhibition is that you can see new perspectives, experimental attempts, and real-time changing work trends through the works of young artists, and it is also an exhibition that allows middle-aged and elderly artists to collect props for hundreds and tens of millions of won at affordable prices.

As the "Under 200" 展 is an exhibition involving artists of various generations, it is expected that it will be an exhibition that will be able to see the voices of artists who tell stories in different ways in one place and instill a vision for artists working as full-time artists.

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