Under 200

Nov 30 - Dec 18, 2021


Art Sohyang is holding the 《Under 200》 exhibition from November 30 (Tue) to December 18 (Sat), 2021. 《Under 200》 is the last exhibition held at Art Sohyang every year, starting in 2016. About 100 original works by artists of various generations, from young artists who are receiving new attention to mid-level artists who are well-received in the domestic and foreign art markets, are displayed. Offered at a good price. As the title of the exhibition suggests, it mainly consists of works of less than 2 million won, lowering the threshold to make it easier to access even for first-time buyers, and provides a collection opportunity for many people interested in art. At the same time, it is an exhibition that can instill a vision for young artists who will work as full-time artists.
In addition, a drawing section was created on one wall of the gallery so that the drawings of various artists can be seen at a glance. In addition to the artist's original work, drawings made lightly in the studio are revealed, adding to the highlights of the exhibition. Through this exhibition, we hope that works of art that seemed difficult and distant will become an opportunity to be approached closer and closer by immersing in the daily lives of many people.

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