Gam Seongbin, a graduate of the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, is a promising artist in Busan who won the Best Work Award at the National University Sculpture Competition in China and was selected as a support artist, the next-generation promising artist in Gyeongnam Province. The artist, who started with a sculpture that contains only human emotions, and has recently expanded its scope to painting works, pays particular attention to sadness among human emotions. The reason why the people in his sculptures and paintings draw attention is not the face, but the body's gestures. The figures, whose shoulders cringe in low spirits and barely seem to be standing on each other's bodies, directly touch the viewer's feelings by evoking the feeling of sadness beyond the role of faces in ordinary sculptures. Strangely, the reason why the artist's work that depicts sadness feels comfort and comfort is because the artist's hand, which has been refined one by one, is more pure and sincere than any other words. His work, which is extremely dramatic and bold, but honestly expresses sadness in various forms, gives comfort to himself and connects people's pain at the same time.

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