Gam Seongbin - Do not go gentle into that good night

Jun 13 - Jul 13, 2024


From June 13 (Thursday) to July 13 (Saturday), 2024, Art Sohyang will hold a solo exhibition "Do not go genteel into that good night" by artist Jung Soo-bin, who is drawing attention from both critics and the market. This is his third solo exhibition at Art Sohyang, and it has been three years since his solo exhibition "Pyoryu" in 2021. The title of the exhibition, "Do not go genteel into that good night," is a reference to a poem by British Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (b.1914-1953), which shows human life and will in the twilight of a bleak and beautiful life, which is metaphorized as "night" in Dylan Thomas' poem.

The exhibition is expected to be a time for viewers to fall deeply into the world of his work by attaching Dylan Thomas' "Do not go genteel into that good night" poetry, which the artist repeatedly encountered and deeply sympathized with, while the "Moon Waltz" by French-based Italian composer Francesco D'Andrea, which the artist heard in preparation for this solo exhibition at the exhibition hall.

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