2014 Graduated from Pusan National University westernpainting
2019 Completion Pusan National University Graduate School of westernpainting
Solo shows
2022 ‘月の庭 Moon Garden’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Silvershell gallery_ in TOKYO
2022 ‘A landscape where time stans still’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_Art Sohyang_in SEOUL
2022 ‘Jardin Majorelle’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_Gallery M_in BUSAN
2020 ‘Piece of blue memory’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_DOT MUSEUM_in BUSAN
2020 ‘Desert, Memory of blue night’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Gallery Cafe BUUC_in BUSAN
2019 ‘Art Travel for the weary Citizen’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Pusan National University Hospital Regional trauma center_ in BUSAN
2019 ‘A Night in the Forest’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ YUME gallery_ in TOKYO
2018 ‘Stroll through the Night’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_IDM gallery_ in BUSAN
2017 ‘Forest of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Celltrion(Honhik University) Publicgallery_ in SEOUL
2016 ‘The Moment’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ JUNGJUNHO gallery_ in BUSAN
2016 ‘Garden of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ IDM gallery_ in BUSAN
2015 ‘Garden of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition_ Myeong-dong, Tom & Tom's black noonsquare _ in SEOUL
2015 ‘Forest of oblivion’ Kimminsong solo exhibition _JUNGJUNHO gallery_ in BUSAN
Group shows
Exhibition of Busan, Seoul, Changwon, Daegu, Suncheon, Gwangyang and many others
Fair booths
Art Fair Exhibition Busan, Seoul, Daegu, Taipei, Singapore, Hong Kong and many others
Busan National University, BNK Financial Group, GRANDJOSUN Jeju ​​​​​​

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