2020 Art Busan & design

Nov 05 - Nov 08, 2020


Art Busan, which has changed its name to 'Art Busan & Design' to actively inform design-related works, which is a trend in the art world, will be held at the BEXCO New Building in Haeundae-gu, Busan starting with a VIP preview on the 5th.

This year, more carefully selected galleries to participate in the event than last year, including major galleries as well as new galleries, and various events such as special exhibitions were also prepared. In particular, 'Art Accent', which originated from millennial artists born after 1980 with a back alley in the 1990s, is paying attention. The works of 10 artists, including Nobra, Kim Jung-yoon, Kim Ji-woo, and Ma Seong-ho, will be exhibited.

In addition, this year, there are various cultural activities that can be enjoyed in connection with Art Busan & Design, so it would be a good idea to use it as a part of an autumn picnic. At the Busan Museum of Art next to the venue, an exhibition of American video art master Bill Viola has been opened, and the Busan Biennale is also being held in the Busan Museum of Contemporary Art, Yeongdo, and the original downtown area.

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