Visible In; Visible

Mar 23 - Apr 24, 2021


Artist Park Han-Saem's solo exhibition 《Visible In; Visible》 will be held from March 23 (Tue) to April 24 (Sat), 2021. This is the artist's first solo exhibition held at Art Sohyang after 《Oriental Fantasy》, a two-person exhibition of Hansaem Park and Junho Lee, who received great attention by interpreting oriental landscape paintings from two perspectives in 2018. The artist's unique and elaborate delicacy is added to the landscape painting, which is the most basic of oriental paintings, which is quite different from other ink painting artists. Instead of recreating the simple image of an island or a forest through traditional materials such as ink painting on Korean paper, it is an exhibition where visitors can feel the work faced in front of the eyes and the time and aura itself contained in the work.

This exhibition, a large-scale solo exhibition, showcases works of various sizes, from small paintings made with ink on Korean paper to masterpieces made with screens of about 7m in width, and removes the boundaries of the genre with a unique installation method. In addition, a video work containing the process of the work being completed is also exhibited, and a total of 34 works, including the blue and white porcelain work, which will be shown for the first time in this exhibition, will be displayed.

Hansaem Park's solo exhibition 《Visible In; Visible》 is an exhibition that stands out with the artist's unique aura, which reveals his own existence with a poetic sensibility while showing a design aspect. It is a great opportunity to fully feel the energy of time and space piled up on the canvas based on the real scene contemplated by the artist, and to experience the exhibition of Han-Saem Park, newly established in the genre of modern Korean painting, in Busan.

Art Sohyang's exclusive artist Park Han-saem's exhibition was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Arts Management Service Center as part of the 'Preliminary Exclusive Artist Support' project.

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