Physical consciousness

Mar 24 - Apr 23, 2022


Art Sohyang will hold by Park Min-soo (b.1979~Korea), Park Hyo-bin (Korea), and Oh Yoo-kyung (b.1979~Korea) from March 24th (Wed) to April 23rd (Sat), 2022. This exhibition presents various genres of work, including sculpture, installation, and painting. The three artists who participate in the exhibition physically touch the material on the subject of various experiences they saw and felt in person and emphasize it through their work. Sensory experiences such as sight, hearing, and touch in a space are expressed using different materials, and although the expression method is a composition of different works, another impressive similarity can be confirmed in the overall context and material interaction.

Interaction is a process in which various objects or phenomena influence each other. It is a kind of immediate, interventional, external, or internal relationship connection. Since one object alone is not enough to explain the state of interaction, I would like to show the connected objects visually by simultaneously lifting them up. Through this interconnection, it can appear and be recognized more in itself. It will be an exhibition where you can compare the relationship between physical and material interactions that the three artists solve in their own ways.

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