Dec 23, 2015 - Feb 24, 2016


The Window Gallery of Busan Centum Hospital prepared the new installation artist 《Kim Su Solo Exhibition - Decalcomanie》 as the last exhibition in 2015. In this exhibition, Su Kim presents works that highlight the unique characteristics and various aspects of the material called glass.

From the beginning of her work, Su Kim has been constantly interested in the essential and changing process of the nature of objects and the relationship between them. The exhibition work ‘Decalcomanie’, which is a large-scale installation work, has a regular arrangement, so it is beautiful and the artist's delicacy stands out. Artist Kim Su associates the process of changing into a different state while interacting with other objects, such as completely intact-looking glass, with the wounds and damage suffered in the relationship with others. However, in the process, her work goes beyond simple nihilism about relationships, nevertheless, shows the potential of healing that individuals have received in the relationship, deepening the perspectives and experiences of each audience.

In expressing this theme, she introduced a material called glass into her work. Because glass itself is complete and variable, its shape changes in various ways and has a good character to be interpreted. The beautiful light that spreads out due to the regular arrangement of glass is so unique that it is a part of the work. This exhibition was also completed based on the artist's long research and experimentation on the material uniqueness of 'glass'. Artist Kim Su majored in sculpture at Pusan ​​National University and the same graduate school, and is attracting attention by actively participating in a number of solo and group exhibitions.

​The window gallery installed on the outer wall of the hospital is located at the Suyeong intersection where there is a large floating population, so even if you do not use the hospital, it is meaningful as it can be a cultural space and a relaxation space that many people can enjoy in the city center. In addition, since last year, we have been holding planned exhibitions by emerging local artists, so it will be an exhibition that contributes to social contribution through art, such as contributing to fostering artists in regions with fewer opportunities than in the metropolitan area.

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