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[Buying] How can I get more information about the work?
Click the “Contact Gallery” button on the artwork page to initiate a conversation with the seller. Personalize your message, sharing information about your collection through a series of prompts. Within 1–3 days, you will receive the gallery’s response, sent from their Koreanartist email address. Once the price and shipping are finalized, the gallery will issue an invoice and request for you to complete payment electronically or through a wire. Koreanartist does not charge commissions on purchased works.
[Buying] How can I estimate additional costs, such as shipping and framing?
Our galleries and dealers are best equipped to estimate these costs. We encourage you to contact galleries by clicking the “Contact Gallery” button on artwork pages, provide your preferred shipping address, and request quotes.
[Buying] Can I negotiate for works on Koreanartist?
Depending on their policies, dealers and galleries may offer a discount and consider reasonable offers from collectors. We encourage you to ask galleries if there is room for negotiation to consider available options.
[Buying] Why do some artworks have pricing information listed while others do not?
Information on the pricing of artworks is listed at each gallery’s discretion. You will see that some artworks have a specific price listed whereas others have a range in which the asking price will fall. Other galleries prefer to share pricing information only upon request. For final pricing information, please place an inquiry on the artwork by selecting the “Contact the Gallery” button.
[Buying] I inquired on a work marked “For Sale”, but the gallery responded saying that the work is unavailable. Why did this happen?
We encourage our gallery partners to keep the inventory they list on Koreanartist as up-to-date as possible. However, these updates are not automatic and it may take a gallery a few days to remove an artwork or mark it as sold. If the work you inquired on is no longer available, we encourage you to ask the gallery if they have other available work by the artist or, if not, to keep you informed should they acquire anything by the artist in the future.
[Buying] How can I ensure authenticity of artworks?
When discussing a potential purchase with a gallery, you should feel empowered to ask for documentation from the gallery related to an artwork’s authenticity. This includes certificates of authenticity, documentation from an artist’s studio, estate or foundation, a complete provenance history of the work, and images of signatures and stamps that may be present on the piece.
[Buying] I am hesitant to purchase an artwork “sight unseen”. Can I return the work if I do not feel as strongly about it when it arrives?
For many collectors, seeing and experiencing an artwork in person is a decisive step in the acquisition process. However, when considering a purchase from a gallery located halfway across the globe it can be difficult, if not impossible, to schedule a visit to view the work in person. We encourage collectors to ask galleries to provide hi-resolution, in situ images and/or videos of artworks under consideration in order to better visualize the piece. Collectors may also ask about the gallery’s policy regarding sending works out on loan for review prior to purchase. The return policy for an artwork is stipulated by the gallery and must be discussed with them. Koreanartist does not coordinate returns or refunds of any purchases made through the platform.
[Exploring] How do I find new artists and artworks on Koreanartist?
Koreanarist lists many artworks by Korean artists. To help narrow your search, Koreanarist has developed a tool to filter artworks by price range and medium. Navigate to this page by clicking “Artworks” on the header of any Koreanarist page. You can also search for artists on Koreanarist by style and school on the “Artists” page.
[Exploring] How do I save artworks to revisit or purchase later?
Having an Koreanartist user account enables you to easily mark your favorite artworks and revisit them. Make sure you are logged-in to your Koreanartist account, navigate to any artwork on the Koreanartist platform or Android app, and on the bottom right corner of the artwork, click the “heart” icon. You can view your saved artworks and the artists you follow by navigating to your user profile in the top right corner of any Koreanartist page, once logged in.
[Exploring] What do I do if there are no works for sale by an artist that I am interested in?
Our best recommendation for these situations is to ensure that you "Follow" the artist so that you will be the first to know when new works are uploaded to the platform. Navigate to any artist’s page and click the “Follow” button to receive updates. You may also place an inquiry with the gallery asking for information about any available works that they might have in their inventory but are not yet listed on Koreanartist, or about anything that the artist is currently working on.
[Artist] How koreanartist woks
Koreanartist is resource for learning about and collecting art by Korean artists around the world. We partner with leading galleries, museums, art fairs, and auction houses in building our online database, which currently includes over 100,000 artwork images, including the largest online database of contemporary art. We do not work directly with artists.
[Artist] Listing artiworks
Artists with gallery representation may ask their gallery to list artworks on Koreanarist. If you are represented by a gallery that is not yet an Koreanartist partner, they may contact us about partnership opportunities by filling out this application form. A member of our team will be in touch if the partnership is a good fit.
[Artist] How can I request corrections on artwork details?
Artwork images and all associated data (such as the title, date, and medium) are provided by our partners. To request a factual correction on these details, please contact the gallery or institution that has published your work on Koreanartist.
[Artist] How can I request corrections on my artist biography?
Artist biographies on [] are produced in-house. To request a factual correction to your artist bio, please contact

Additional information on your artist page may include basic biographical information, exhibition histories, related categories, and other public information or content provided by [] or our partners. To request a factual correction to your artist information, please contact Please note, however, that we do not delete artist records from our database.

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