Haleen defines the building as the most figured out surroundings while staying in any outdoor place. No matter what they are constructed for, how it looks and how big or tall, they literally occupy the most space, mainly in urban(central) areas. The building is basically called “Architecture” as a professional term. The different types of buildings include the plan, interior design, and construction, not only regarding the dictionary term. These listed mediums are delivered first via the most remarkable and prevalent architectures that already captured subjects as the best sight of views, proceeding with analog materials - 35mm negatives/positives or middle format film. This practice makes him also learn about variable styles of building, becoming image index as a great source of his work; sometimes images from the internet in order to approach the object to understand their embraced characteristics.

From a starting point, humans have commenced settling inside a cave, now residing or making activities inside a building, which is made of various types of materials. After all, architecture has been determined to be one of the essential points in our daily subsistence; it is the only existential space where humans can take place after their own outdoor activities. He set on this consequence as the “Essence of comfort”: This could also mean that the spatial concepts are unawarely connected to our psychological interactions as sixth sense, illusion, and emotion. However, From an external layer of architecture, the determined or phenomenal figures are constructed as a body structure, conveying the optical effect to the elemental figure, eventually displaying the complex and moody Structure, then providing the opportunity to feel any emotions.

By getting further; He was also able to represent the architecture concepts by applying unmatched diverse colors, which came from different views while staring at the architectural spaces. One significant assistance for this progress was allowing him to provide open controls and measures, escaping the rigid ordinance during the construction - meticulous, slow, and exhaustive building progress to consider the permanent environment, indicating partial alteration after completion and preventing accidents caused by poor construction. Consequently, a restriction disturbing the autonomy of selection has been released.

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