동의대학교 미술학부 한국화 졸업, 동 대학원 한국화 졸업
Solo shows
2019 Strange, but Familiar, layered, Busan
2018 COMOREBI, Chunja Art Gallery, Busan
2017 Gallery Toast Invited Solo Exhibition, Gallery Toast, Seoul
2016 Tom N Toms Culture Project, Tom N Toms, Seoul
2015 Familiar Unfamiliarity, E-LAND SPACE, Seoul
2015 Familiar Unfamiliarity, Gallery DOLL, Seoul
2014 Familiar Unfamiliarity, Gallery able, Busan
2012 Familiar Unfamiliarity, Gallery idm, Busan
Group shows
2021 Connecting memories, Youngeun Museum of Art, Gyeonggi-do
2021 Busan International Art Fair Invitational Exhibition of Young Artists, BEXCO, Busan
2021 Natural Phenomenon, Chunja Art Gallery, Busan
2021 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2020 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2019 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2019 Under 200, Art Sohyang, Busan
2019 Gyeomjae Artists of Tomorrow, Gyeomjae Jeongseon Art Museum, Seoul
2018 Sculpture, Gallery Toast, Seoul
2018 House Project, Chunja Art Gallery, Busan
2018 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2017 One Tree, Art District P, Busan
2017 under35, Shinsegae Centum City, Busan
2017 Become a Tree Art, Amusementmaru, Busan
2017 Voyage after the Sea, Chunja Art Gallery, Busan
2017 Young Men's Sea, Chunja Art Gallery, Busan
2017 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2017 Onsaemi-ro, Cultural Space Ssam, Busan
2016 Art Market, Gallery Toast, Seoul
2016 Jeju Art Fair, Daedong Hotel Jeju
2016 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2016 Art Bargain, Gallery Toast, Seoul
2015 Happy Painting Exhibition, Maekhwarang, Busan
2015 my first collection, Merciel, Busan
2015 GREEN, Gallery Iheum, Busan
2014 Happy Gift, Lotte Gallery, Seoul
2014 Putting on Color, Kyungdong Star Jade, Busan
2014 Youth Collection, Sapo Gallery, Ulsan
2014 Happy Painting Exhibition, Mac Gallery, Busan
2014 Fusohoe Youth Artists Exhibition, Gallery Lamer, Seoul
2014 Hanwon Museum of Art First Half Special Exhibition, Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul
2014 Small Picture Exhibition, Gallery Gaia, Seoul
2014 Small Picture Exhibition “the gift”, Edeum Space, Busan
2013 On Sae Miro, BS Gallery, Busan
2013 y&y Project, Youngeun Museum of Art, Gwangju
2013 the unique natura, Edeum Space, Busan
2013 Painter: The Joy of Drawing, Hanwon Museum of Art, Seoul
2012 JW Joongwa Young Art Awards, Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul
2012 BIEAF2012, BS Gallery, Busan
2012 Korea-China Conversation Exchange Exhibition, Bada Gallery, Busan
2012 Nails Exhibition, Kyungmin Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
2011 New Generation Art Star Exhibition, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
2011 On Saemiro Regular Exhibition, Yeonggwang Gallery, Busan
2011 BIEAF New Artists Exhibition, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan
2011 Korea-US Exchange Exhibition, Mayjun Gallery, Seoul
2011 4-person color exhibition, Gaga Gallery, Seoul
2011 AW Exhibition, AW Convention Center, Seoul
2011 1 million won exhibition, Songs Gallery, Seoul
2010 On Saemiro, Bom GalleryBusan
2010 Busan Biennale Gallery Festival, Chats Gallery, Busan
2010 Mix Planning Invitation Exhibition, Alternative Space Maru, Changwon
2010 Busan Korean Painting Festival, Chats GalleryBusan
2010 Mecenat Project New Artists Exhibition, Zenith Gallery, Busan
2010 Open Space Bae Art Auction Exhibition, Open Space Bae, Busan
2010 Mix, French Cultural Center, Busan
2010 the wind blow, Drunken Cat, Busan
2010 Vacancy Project, Salon de Miss Hong, Seoul
2009 Onsae Miro Exhibition, Bada Gallery, Suyeong-gu Cultural Center, Busan
2009 Dongeui University Graduate Exhibition, Haeundae Cultural Center, Hyomin Gallery, Busan
2009 Dongeui University, Kyungsung University store rental exhibition, Kyungsung University store, Busan
2009 Miathi Mini Exhibition, Yeonggwang Gallery, Busan
2009 Miathi Founding Exhibition, Civic Gallery, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
2008 Modern Ink Painting Exhibition, Eulsukdo Cultural Center, Busan
2008 Matching Exhibition of New Artists, Independent Space Hideout, Busan
2008 'I am a Legend' - art in ori exhibition, Busan
2008 Busanjin Report Exhibition, Busan jin-gu Office, Busan
2008 Young Artists Exhibition, Gallery Jamiwon, Busan
2008 Shower Exhibition, Busan Civic Center, Busan
2008 On Saemiro Special Exhibition 'Treading the Fall', Gallery Montmartre, Busan
2008 Flower Village Nature Art Festival
2008 Dongeui University Graduate School Exhibition, Yeonggwang Gallery, Busan
Permanent collections
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank
Youngeun Museum of Art
Tom N Toms
E-Land Cultural Foundation
Soongsil University

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