The momentary landscape that Lee Jieun draws is familiar that it surprises us. The appearance of a boy walking with a dog on the beach or in a field, enjoying scuba diving, freediving, etc. is lonely, but on the one hand, the cold and warm feeling of the water, the smell, the sparkle created by the sunlight meeting the surface, etc. Brings out the memories and sensations you have in vividly. The artist uses only paints, brushes, and canvases to express all the senses felt both visually and emotionally more exquisitely than any other artist. What makes the artist's work attractive is curious because it is a figurative depiction of reality, and it is an unrealistic and surreal enemy.

"The people and the animals in my works are the media that know the life. I have been through and have a connection with me. Sometimes bottomless darkness of hidden scars and melancholy are, and sometimes the landscapes, colors, spaces, unreachable places and realization of the moments are reflected in my works. The common feature of darkness and brightness, and things I wish to hide and places I wish to conceal myself is that they are the plain emotion itself. That emotion is remembered unconsciously as time goes by and reborn. Moreover, it not only lets me express my fantasies but also tones down the derived conflicts."

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